About us

We are a well-rounded distributed organisation developing and running the ultimate DAPP technology. Our ever-growing passionate engineering and business teams are the only reason we regularly win prestigious awards.

Organisation and locations

Led by DEUS (Distributed Executive Units), the cloudyBoss ecosystem operates via:

    • 4 x group companies covering 10 x core global regions and all time zones 24/7
    • cloudyBoss CTG (Core Technology Group) team of 50+ scientists and engineers
    • a growing global network of CIPs (Certified Implementation Partners)
    • the smartest cloud grid on Earth ditrisbuted over 55+ highly secure data farms


Advisors and Founders

Our advisory board shares decades of experience in building, developing and marketing technology.


Contact us

Find us on all major social media or drop us an email at info(at)cloudyboss(dot)com and we'll route you to the right people in the right place at the right time.