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cloudyBoss NEXT+ eDLT platform takes the complexity out of global business, trivialising and integrating all the functions required to smoothly run organisations of any size and shape, or multi-node ecosystems.

85 functional modules

cloudyBoss cB-Be backend app is natively built around 85+ functional modules covering everything a modern global enterprise or ecosystem expect from their management platform. Discover below cB-Be core domains.

Market engagement

ENGAGE covers market engagement modules including CMS (content management), product management, promotions, campaigns, social media management, chatbots, web conferencing, webinars, CRM (People, Groups), Events, Places and Location Services.

    • device-neutral instantaneous multilingual web/apps deployment
    • full eCommerce capabilities including all major payment gateways
    • full CRM including embedded data enrichment, data load automation
    • personalised promotions, integrated camnpaigns and social media hub

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Secure documents and smart contracts

cB-Be offers native secure internal classified documents (up to 5-levels encryption), as well as instant code-less multi-stage smart contracts (time-dependent DLT ecosystems) or permissioned full on-chain storage DLT registries on any workflowed data (across 25+ modules).

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Universal 3P accounting

MEASURE combines physical, social and financial accounting across multiple entities and centres in an integrated 3P (Planet, People, Profit) manner including AR, AP, Payroll, Banking, Settlement, Asset, COA, Simulations and Inventory management.

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Supply and value chains

Provenance, authenticity, narrow-targeted recalls and other benefits brought by blockchain technology are revolutionising value chains across all sectors from art to agriculture and manufacturing. Contrary to connecting DLT protocols, complexifying and risk-exposing existing legacy systems, NEXT+ eDLT SKYE protocol is built at the core and solves the common pitfalls (node asymmetry, authoring nodes and safety challenges) hindering successful DLT-based value chain implementations.

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NEXT+ eDLT system

cloudyBoss NEXT+ eDLT platform security features span 48 independent domains across all physical and logical components, including providers selection, physical facilities, internal caging, metal servers access, redundant multilayered architecture, cross-site DRM, policies, SOEs, SOPs, node segregations, 8-levels end-to-end encryption, reputational risks, data flows live analysis, code integrity, quality assurance, multi-level data validations, atomic security profiles, compliance audits, cyber-defense, automated silent cyber-hunting and many more safety measures. NEXT+ eDLT system guarantees that the security level of clients' information ecosystems is constantly higher than that of any conventional on-premise architecture.

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