"We are unsure about the questions, but we know we have the answer."

cB Lead Engineer Suresh Ramisetty

Lead Engineer Suresh Ramisetty

cB stack propeller

KEYSTONE technology is at the center of the cB stack propeller, acting as a core interface/enabler between cB other technologies such as SKYE (cB native industrial DLT protocol), ANIMA (AI engine), cB universal API engine, EdgeX DDL (Data Device Layer), CNR (Context-driven Navigational Rationale), and a few more.


KEYSTONE is a scale-neutral hyper-normalized database platform: scale neutrality means that KEYSTONE performs uniformly irrespective of size. A common pitfall in mainstream software solutions is complacency with database normalization level, coupled with trends to shift too quickly to an incomplete data model as soon as relational properties emerge; these engineering short-cuts generate significant software quality, development and maintenance efficiency issues.

Keystone vs nosql

Vice-versa, any effort to push normalization from traditional 3rd or 4th to 5th, 6th and higher levels brings considerable paybacks in solution robustness, reusability, agility, and life cycle speed. The hyper-normalized nature of KEYSTONE is the opposite of nosql: KEYSTONE reaches similar modeling and structural conclusions to the nosql camp, stopping short however of excessive and counter-productive key-value pair reductionism, which is detrimental to performance and prohibits the emerging of powerful data constructs such as triplex architectures.

Triplex structure

As a result, KEYSTONE boosts minified tech elegance, functional elasticity and trivializes use cases. KEYSTONE triplex structure makes it DNA-compatible, i.e. ready for bio-computing. It unleashes on-chain DLT at the core, with deep By-Design positive impacts on data integrity, security and performance, which distinguish SKYE (KEYSTONE integrated DLT protocol) from any other industrial DLT or blockchain protocol in the market. KEYSTONE's ability to be flattened into easily shard-able dense matrices is ideal for quantum computing, big data, high-TPS scale-neutral blockchain ecosystems and AI.

Lastly, KEYSTONE optimizes OOP (Object Oriented Programming) architecture and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principles, resulting in faster agile development sprints.