NEXT+ eCommerce modules (Products, Pricing, Promotion engine, Shopping Cart, AR)

cBNECO encompasses all the functionality required to manage sophisticated eCommerce operations. cBNECO includes a comprehensive product master allowing to configure any type of products & services including main units, services, bundles, components & parts, serialized units, location and time-based products and services, CTO (Configure-To-Order), BTO (Build-To-Order). Products can be geo-fenced by origins and destinations. cB Price Engine allows to define pricing & values in any currencies and other units of measure for non-monetary transactions. Prices have discrete lifecycles, independent of that of their products. cB Price engine includes the setting of auction thresholds and dynamic user-determined pricing. Pricing types are configurable beyond predefined standard ones. cB Promotion Engine allows to further manipulate pricing by geographies, market segments and a range of other attributes and triggers depending on the promotion type. Shopping cart behaviour can be configured as per requirements and has built-in payment gateways that can be customized by geography and segments. cB eCommerce features are fully integrated with cB AR (Account Receivable) and fraud prevention workflow are customizable. Any publishable content in cBNECO is natively multi-lingual with embedded workflow for editorial control and DLT propagation over SKYE ecosystems.

cBNECO - NEXT+ eCommerce Suite (yearly fee)
USD 950.00