3P accounting

NEXT+ ERP modules (AR/AP, GL, Stock, Asset, Bank, Budget, Tax, Settlement & Composition for Financial, Physical & Social accounting)

cBNACC is NEXT+ universal accounting system which combines financial, physical and social accounting via its Composition module. cBNACC includes all expected features to run a multi-entity (multiple reporting organizations) multi-centres (profit, cost, allocated) full accounting: this includes AR (Account Receivable), AP (Account Payable), GL (General Ledger), Stock management, Asset management including depreciation schedules, Banking, Budgeting and Settlements. cBNACC has an integrated universal Tax Engine to configure any type of taxation regime. cBNACC is natively multi-currency and able to account in non-monetary units of measure. cBNACC GL module is designed for e-accounting and allows the storage of supporting documents in electronic format at ledger entry level.

cBNACC - NEXT+ Universal 3P Accounting (yearly fee)
USD 950.00