from Start to Success with SRV, NEXT+ and cBx

Cloudyboss offers SRV services and cBx training for each stage of your platform development to ensure that you fully leverage the power of NEXT+. Select below a right SRV service package matching your development stage.

SRV0 | Proof of Concept

cloudyboss will work closely with you from an early stage of your product or pre-project plan to help you define, verify and specify your goals. SRV0 services might include research tasks, executive briefings, Proof of Concept (PoC), Pain & Gain Analysis to determine your organisational priorities and others.

    • White paper including prototype and Proof of Concepts
    • Business plan, simulations and investor pitch
    • STO (Security Token Offering) or TAP (Token Augmentation Partnership)
    • SRS (Software Requirements Specifications)

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SRV1 | pre-MVP

SRV1 is a set of services tailored to projects already fully specified, with detailed goals and SRS (System Requirements Specifications) in place; cloudyBoss will work closely in defining with you a suitable NEXT+ platform architecture and provide detailed design guidance for each of your user touch points, be they desktop apps, mobile ones, distributed ecosystems or other hybrid solutions.

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Are you ready to embrace the power of NEXT+ and take your product to the next level? cloudyBoss will help you in implementing your product and integrating it with NEXT+ so that you can leverage NEXT+ to the fullest. This includes utilising the available business processes, implementing and customising those that are specific to your product and training employees to use the platform with ease.

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NEXT+ eDLT platform

NEXT+ baseline access provides unlimited functionality and all scale-ability required for your business to thrive seamlessly anywhere. With 85+ functional modules and thousands of features, NEXT+ covers the management needs and use cases of any organisation or ecosystem in any sector. NEXT+ eDLT includes a baseline elastic geo-fenced cloud infrastructure scaled to cover most needs and able to grow or shrink at your own defined pace.

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cBX training and certifications

cloudyBoss provides 25+ standard training packages covering both enterprise management (all functions) and technical domains. cloudyBoss cBx training packages can be delivered either online or onsite, depending on your needs and requirements.

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