Your own unlimited ecosystem in seconds

cloudyBoss NEXT+ empowers industries, organisations and entrepreneurs to codelessly configure their own safe ecosystems and smart contracts for any use case.

Advancing g/localisation

cloudyBoss empowers networks and organisations of any size to deploy decentralized value chain ecosystems and build protocol-driven solutions to enhance g/local trade across all sectors. From solo entrepreneurs and start-ups to the world’s largest enterprises and industries, no matter their stage or use case, NEXT+ built-in elasticity allows the fast and cost-effective building of more efficient, collaborative, and secure trading ecosystems.

for start-ups, scale-ups and keep-ups

Build smarter, safer and scale-able ecosystem platforms while redirecting your funding from tech budget black hole to market engagement with NEXT+.

    • solve the "delayed/missing" MVP issue causing 60% of start-ups to miss their take-off
    • empower your g/local SME to thrive at plainfield level with multinationals
    • neutralise the scale-up challenge causing 54% of successful start-ups to falter
    • transition your organisation to an ecosystem and adopt a platform model

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for large organisations

cloudyBoss D.OT (Digital Organisational Transformation) corporate accelerator leverages the power of NEXT+ and cloudyBoss ecosystems to dematerialise larger players in smarter ways while strengthening their market resilience.

    • enhance customer satisfaction and boost staff morale for the long-term by 25% or more
    • achieve the highest levels of workforce engagement anywhere over all areas
    • increase loyalty and retention while decreasing attrition and organisational risks
    • enhance productivity levels while achieving cost efficiencies of 15% or more

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for smarter cities

Join the advanCity program for smarter urbanisation, a regional-level consortium-led city-based start-up acceleration program focussed in delivering grassroot bottom-up pathways toward Smarter Cities.

    • leverage advanCity consortium largest global community of start-ups (>1m)
    • harness pooling strategies to enhance success and speed of your smart urbanisation
    • create stronger balanced cohorts with advanCity 20-domains industry mantra
    • unleash advanCity multiplicative value back to amplify your budget 10+ folds

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