cloudyBoss structure


"from ego-system to ecosystem"

cB DEUS GAA executive Jonathan Hera

cB DEUS GAA Jonathan Hera

cloudyBoss team and data farms

The cloudyBoss ecosystem is composed of a growing network of APEASE partners.

Group companies, partners and clients operate virtually over a multi-vendor multi-tech distributed cloud of 200+ hosting farms. The ecosystem is governed by DEUS (Distributed Executive UnitS) under the oversight of cloudyBoss Advisory Board. DEUS articulates around 3 functional units:

  • GAA (Governance, Accounting/Admin & Auditing)
  • DevOps (Tech & Ops Research & Development)
  • MNB (Market & Business engagement)

cloudyBoss current Advisory Board shares decades of experience in large-scale industry transformation programs as well as building, developing and marketing break-through technologies. Under cloudyBoss governance model, a 3-tier built-in succession management framework assures that the Advisory Board is continuously enhanced and refreshed with the most experienced talents from the ecosystem across all areas and disciplines.

While cloudyBoss operations are overwhelmingly virtual, a few ecosystem group companies provide open workspaces in:

OCEANIA - cloudyBoss Pty Ltd, GEC, Suite 1A, Level 2, 802 Pacific Highway, Gordon NSW 2072, Sydney, Australia

EUROPE - cloudyBoss UAB, Klaipeda Science & Technology Park, Vilhelmo Berbomo srt. 10, LT-92221 Klaipėda

ASIA - cloudyBoss co.Ltd, EEC, 50-3 Moo 12 Nakhorn Nueang Khet, Mueang, Chachoengsao 24000, Thailand

A new R&D centre focussed on 5S quantum technology is also being built in St Marys TAS 7215, Tasmania.

corporate lifespan trend

cloudyBoss organizational model epitomizes centuries of industrial and governance evolution. Short-termism has characterized many organizations in the XIXth & XXth centuries and partially explain their ever-declining lifespan. For example, according to a 2018 HBR report, over the past 80 years, the average lifespan of US S&P 500 companies has collapsed from 67 to less than 15 years. Since the early 2010's, native ecosystems and next-generation economics have taken over. They are quickly hybridizing with existing sectors. They are also generating new ones, able to thrive in the “money cannot buy anymore ” new XXIst century entrepreneurial era. Some of the smartest conventional corporations are accelerating their dematerialization and digitalization. As old-fashioned corporate models implode, their underpinning top-down hierarchical leadership structures follow suit, giving way to novel bottom-up distributed governance models.

cloudyBoss DEUS is a good example of such distributed governance models: it is elastic, balanced and resilient by-design, away from top-down, centralized, bottleneck-prone, and fast-decaying ego-systems. The DEUS model:

  • favors networks & ecosystems vs hierarchical ladders
  • experiments while planning and anticipating
  • balances transparency vs privacy
  • empowers rather than controls
  • prioritizes purpose vs profit

cloudyBoss DEUS extends distributive aspects both geographically and functionally. It embeds a flexible 3-tier built-in succession management framework (juniors, seniors, advisers) which ensures its long-term self-sustainability and neutralizes potential hierarchical ego-driven biases. From a functional perspective, DEUS fluidly overlays geographically scattered “physical” companies. By detaching physical group companies from operational upper-level functional ecosystems, DEUS architecture continuously demonstrates its many benefits including:

  • Built-in contingencies against increasing risks from fast, acute, localized socio-political or environmental deterioration. DEUS cushions cloudyBoss against any random, sudden, unforeseen or chaotic market environment conditions that no country can no longer claim being immune from. As 2020 clearly signalled, a net increase in the frequency of severe market destabilization risks, with impacts from climate variability and socio-political tectonic events, shall indeed be expected
  • Pervasive branding and operational presence across all time zones and key markets 24/7
  • Highly reduced operational impacts on the environment (fully virtualized organization)
  • Enhanced cushioning against any type of “imploding leadership” risks or internalities
  • Built-in self-organized succession management
  • Enhanced ecosystem stability & resilience

The cloudyBoss ecosystem has been recognized time and again with prestigious industry awards.

cloudyBoss industry awards