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"Driving projects from start-up to stardom."

cB Founder & DEUS GAA executive Jane Di Noto

Founder Jane Di Noto


In its journey toward g/localization, cB continuoulsy gathers key learning from each project and incorporates them into its 5 distinct programs, each targeted to the core segments cB interacts with, in industry, government and academia.

cloudyBoss GRIP

cloudyBoss GRIP (Global Remote Internship Program) is designed for both partnering academic institutions and students at any level anywhere, engaged in software engineering and/or business disciplines. GRIP follows an ancient World Heritage listed traineeship model known as compagnonnage, recognized for its fundamental importance in the efficient transmission of knowledge and best practices. Learn more here.

cloudyBoss CIP

cloudyBoss CIPP (Certified Implementation Partner Program) is an onboarding program for candidate partners interested in joining the cloudyBoss ecosystem. It is ideal for experienced IT professionals, project managers, system integrators, ecosystem coordinators and other service providers. Learn more here.

cloudyBoss Advancity

cloudyBoss Advancity program applies shared economics, pooling strategies and clustering to city smartness, achieving higher ROI, faster transformations and wider scope than stand-alone projects. Learn more here.

cloudyBoss Startospheric

cloudyBoss Startospheric brings together visionnary entrepreneurs, smart investors and advanced technologies to accelerate the transformation of world societies while mitigating common start-up and scale-up challenges. Contact us today for more information, or apply to the next scheduled cohort via our partner F6S.

cloudyBoss D.OT

cloudyBoss D.OT (Digitalization & Organizational Transformation) program allows large-size players to dematerialize and automate in smooth ways, boosting staff engagement, productivity levels, cost efficiencies and client satisfaction. Contact us today for more information, or learn more via this educational video.